51664923._SY475_Title: Little Whispers

Author: K L. Slater

# of pages: 259

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Expected date of Publication: 21st May 2020

K L. Slater never stops impressing her readers. Her 12th book Little Whispers is a gem that goes perfectly with the rest of her books. Her new book revolves around friendship, secrets and trust.

Janey Markham lost her mother, Irene, a few months back. Before she died, she revealed a tragic secret to her daughter. Those secrets unsettled her and her husband Isaac. Amid this, her solace was Isaac’s new job. His recent job change will pay for a new house and pluck them out of their financial crisis. 

With hope and love, Janey and Isaac along with their son Rowan move to the posh neighbourhood of Buckingham Crescent in Nottinghamshire. Only when she reaches there, things are a little different from her expectations.

Tanya, Edie and Ky are close friends and are famous Buckingham Moms. With time Janey becomes a part of the group. Merely in the urge to fit in, she changes. And one fine afternoon she spills her secret that was weighing on her. That secret can now become a weapon and might be used against her. She is unaware of people and their enigmas. Nothing is as it seems!!!

There is no mishmash of characters. Tanya, Edie and Ky are major ones and a few of them are supporting roles. Irene raised Janey with simplicity and values. Irene told her as a child (snippet of a dialogue).

“….my advice is to watch what you say, because at some time in the future, people will use it against you….”

She tries most of her life to not delve into secrets and she doesn’t have many friends either. Matters, however, change for her once she moves into this neighbourhood. She has morphed into a gossip mum. There is a gradual change in her character. Janey is an ok character. She appeared sensible in the start, but then she blabbers a lot as the chapters progress.

Alternating between an unknown character and Janey, the chapters blindsides the reader with twists and turns. As the book evolves, we understand the depth of the secret (even though as a reader, you will know about it towards the end). Slater did a magnificent job of keeping the reader hooked to the narrative. I can sense something is amiss, but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

K L. Slater has once again weaved a great psychological thriller that keeps you guessing until the very end.

My rating is 4 stars.

Thanks, NetGalley and Bookouture for the advance of the book in exchange for my honest review.