Confessions of a Reading Freak

I love to read books and talk about them. This blog is about books reviews, author interviews and everything related to books.

About me



I am a traveller, seeker, foodie, and a bookaholic. Most of the times, you will find me reading a book. A brilliant, mind-twisting mystery keeps me going.

After years of putting away my dreams of writing, I am finally taking baby steps towards it. And one evening a thought popped up (shouting and screaming) why not write about books? There cannot be a better topic than books.

I read and write about the books I love to read. So I have created this website that talks about my book collection and the books I love to read. The books that leave a lasting impression.

I also love the indie authors as they have taken the giant step of writing a book (I congratulate them). So I help them by reviewing their books (and become a minuscule part in the journey of their dream).

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