814kMuCYVtLTitle: The Devil’s Work

Author: Mark Edwards

# of pages: 376

Genre: Psychological thrillers

This is my first book by Mark Edwards, and I cherished the book. I loved the premise (it’s realistic), characters and the book’s climax.

The story follows Sophie Greenwood, who dreamt of joining Jackdaw Publications since her childhood. But in the past, she couldn’t work for Jackdaw. But now she got a chance, and she’s exhilarated. As soon as she starts Sophie feels there’s something amiss. Soon starts regretting her decision, but her regret might be too late!

Alternating between past and present, the narration unfolds the life of Sophie. She has her flaws, but she’s strong-willed and calm.

There are a few characters, so I could easily navigate through the chapters. Mark Edwards has an unquestionable ability to build up good suspense. He created the feeling of being on edge as Sophie is trying to figure out, with quite an ease.

The central theme is about human bias. How we form an opinion about people without knowing them or based on someone’s else bias. And from there on we only look for confirmation of the opinion.

The ending comes as a surprise. I was downright thrilled by it. I have added Mark Edward’s other books in my TBR and looking forward to being pleasantly surprised by them.

My rating 4 stars.