Confessions of a Reading Freak

I love to read books and talk about them. This blog is about books reviews, author interviews and everything related to books.

Review policy

Hello! I am honoured and excited for considering me for the review of your book.

I am currently “booked” till September 2021. Any request sent now will be posted after October 2021. If that’s ok, I will be happy to review your work.

I am currently open for review from any publishers or indie author or self-published books.

I love reading and talking about them. That’s why I either share them on my Instagram or on my blog or on Goodreads. My reviews are my personal views and opinions. 

I accept books in:

  • Hardcopies/paperback
  • Kindle (.mobi/pdf/epub) version
  • Audiobooks

Books I love to read and review:

  • Mystery
  • Crime fiction
  • General fiction
  • Thriller
  • Myth Retellings
  • Children’s book

These are the broad categories, there can be categories beyond these, you can send me a copy I can let you know if I would like to read the books or not. I would prefer a book that’s not published over something that’s already published.

The books that are absolutely no-no are:

  • Erotica
  • Horror/Paranormal
  • Non-fiction
  • Romantic

With every book or request please send me the information:

  • A book summary
  • Release date of the book
  • Lead time (how soon do you need me to send the review)

As I said above, I love reading books. It’s been rare I have not liked a book at all, and even those situations I gave both positive and negative aspects of the story (and nothing about the author).  But books that I don’t like based on the story or the ending, I would prefer not to publish on my blog. However, I will add them to Goodreads and Amazon.

Please feel free to reach me on

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