52706064._UY2339_SS2339_Title: I made a mistake

Author: Jane Corry

# of pages: 464

Genre: Domestic Thriller

Expected Date of publication: 28th May

Poppy Page has come a long way from a failed actress. She runs a successful agency for supporting actors. She’s married to Stuart, a dentist by profession. They have two delightful daughters and a loving Stuart’s mother, Betty. In short, she has a loving family.

But this might soon become a distant memory for her. She made a mistake. A mistake that will have a rippling effect on her life. It will destroy the life she created!

The book is straightforward. It runs into different timelines. Betty narrates the story in the past and Poppy in the present. As the chapters progress, we understand Betty and Poppy through their eyes. The author presented the minutest details about their characters. I liked Betty. She’s a strong yet caring woman. She takes care of everyone around her, but her grandkids hold the priority.

Poppy and Betty are poles apart. Poppy’s narration is slow to read. Betty’s chapters are intriguing than Poppy. Betty takes things on a stride and looks for a solution even at the face of difficulties. Poppy is more complex and is not a problem solver.

The central theme is about mistakes and guilty. The stress is on the feeling of guilt when we commit a mistake (it lingers and takes a special corner in our mind). The reason I liked the book is author gave string and straightforward solution to our major modern-day relationships challenges. To let go of things always don’t work out! Sometimes we need to be intelligent to handle complex circumstances.

Two women from two different times face different consequences for similar actions. Betty had her mother guide her. But Poppy wasn’t that fortunate to have, but she had Betty? Would the consequences be different if she could discuss it with her? It’s a question I pose for the readers to discover.

I made a mistake is a domestic thriller that will grip you with its story and characters.

My rating 4 stars.