hbg-title-9781529401455-24Title: Dear Child

Author: Romy Hausmann

# of pages: 343

Genre: Mystery Thriller

Expected Date of Publication: 14th May 2020

A woman is hurt in a hit and run by a car. She’s taken by the hospital along with her daughter, Hannah. Hannah told the paramedics the name of her mother is Lena.

Lena Beck disappeared 13 years back. Hannah also looks like a young Lena. But is she Lena? There are questions come up, but not with no solution. These questions put the police amid a whirlwind. Something they need to figure out and soon!!!

Set in Germany, the story follows the story of Herr Beck (father of Lena), Frau Beck and her daughter Hannah. This is a tragic tale of kidnapping and gruesome captivity. The detectives investigating the case are shocked by the harrowing details of the captivity.

Lena, Mr Beck and Hannah are traumatised but in their way. They are dealing with it even after it’s over. The book has presented the trauma and related issues collectively. The perpetrator has wreaked havoc on them. He isn’t but his shadows lurk in their mind like pain and trauma. He has left a trail of victims in his wake and all are trying to cope with it.

Romy Hausmann in her mystery thriller has given insight into the psyche of victims. She has penned down her thoughts with brilliant words and views. She has done excellent research to bring out the seriousness of the situation. She also highlights points when we unknowingly ask an insensitive question (like, did you not fight?). How we sometimes being a best friend could not fathom the depth of the issue.

I loved how the author ended the book, especially the epilogue. It’s so positive and liberating.

Dear Child is a dark intense mystery tale of abduction and captivity and torture. Some people were held captive physically, and some were captive in their mind.

My rating 3.5 stars

Thank you NetGalley and Quercus for the book in exchange for my honest review.