IMG_4709Let me lie: Clare Mackintosh (4 stars)


Anna Johnson knows her parents committed suicide. First, it was Tom Johnson, he took his life from the Beachy Head cliff. Her mom, Caroline Johnson followed her dad’s footsteps seven months later. She is grieving and angry. How could parents leave her like this! But on Caroline’s first death anniversary Anna receives a note. That note perplexes Anna. She delves deeper. What will she find? Some secrets should be kept buried and not disturbed.


Whoa! That’s how I reacted after I finished the book. This is my third book by the author. I have read Mackintosh’s thrillers and the heart-wrenching After the end. She writes beautifully. I am never disappointed by her. I was completely blindsided by the ending. Absolute thriller!!! You shouldn’t miss this one. I have got ‘I see you’ in my TBR.


IMG_4708The Mistake: K L. Slater (3.5 stars)


Rose couldn’t stop blaming herself for the past 16 years. Eight-year-old Billy was missing and was then found 2 days later. In those bad times, Ronnie and Sheila helped Rose’s family to deal with grief. And now, when Rose has lost her parents, she still has Ronnie. Ronnie is 70 years old with a frail body and mind. And she looks after him with utmost care. But one day when she finds something in his house. She cannot shake off the feeling that not everything as it was told to Rose 16 years back. 


As soon as I started this book I knew there will be an unforeseeable twist at the end. It completely blew mind. The book is not just about the mystery or the thriller. Slater has touched sensitive topics like manipulation and controlling behaviour. How we miss the neon signs that something is wrong, yet we overlook those signs. Her words are brilliant and will reach you.



IMG_4711Sleep: C L. Taylor (3.5 stars)


Anna takes up a job in the remote island of Scotland. Her perennial feeling of guilt has brought her to this island. She works as a receptionist in a remote lodge. Within a few weeks of joining this lodge, there’s a party seven different people arrive in the lodge for the winters. David, who’s the owner of the lodge and Anna starts settling these guests. But then things start to get complicated when someone dies and weird things happen. Anna feels someone is watching and someone wants to take revenge. And leaves her a message TO SLEEP TO DIE!! 


Similar to a locked room of golden- age detective novels. There’s increasing tension as the chapters progress. And with each chapter, we know a little more about these seven guests. There’s creepiness as we move towards. Not everything is as it seems to be!! C L. Taylor builds good suspense. Her words keep you captivated.


IMG_4712I never left: McGarvey Black (3 stars)

Quinn Delaney Roberts was found dead in her apartment. And she narrates her story from the beginning. The only thing she doesn’t remember how she got killed. She starts putting together her story to find out who killed her. 


This book is more of a thriller than suspense or whodunit. The uniqueness of the book, the dead was telling her story. It, however, interspersed with a detective who was investigating the case. However, all the good things end here. I feel a detective who was in charge of the case didn’t do a proper job and it was a huge letdown. I never left is a good thriller and a one-time read.


Did any of you read these books? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.