Title: A Predator and a Psychopath

Author: Jay Kerk

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Published Year: 2019

The first thought I had after reading the book was WOW! What a read! It’s been a long time I read such a unique book. I am still basking in the thrill and in the awe of the book. It is an intense read worth every minute.

Jason wakes up in a rehabilitation centre, with no memory. He doesn’t know how and why was he admitted in the centre. He lost his family in a brutal murder and law blamed him for the crime. While recuperating, he didn’t know how to go ahead in life. On the other side, there’s Jerry. In his twisted mind, he lives the life of a warrior. His actions are far beyond gruesome and creepy (by the way, for this guy creepy is an understatement!). What happens next entangles their life complexly.

The book deals with serious and real issues of the present day. And the author treats them realistically.

What I loved about the book is that Jason and Jerry are opposite characters. Despite them being on a different spectrum, the author played splendidly with the characters and he merged them with no efforts.

The book shuttles between Jason and Jerry. They talk about their feelings and thoughts and gives the reader insight into their twisted psyche. The characters are so well developed. I could connect with Jason’s pain, his helplessness, his frustration because of his memory loss. I was nervous from Jerry’s dark actions and his twisted mindset.

Furthermore, the book did not give the characters a rigid personality. And I like such books where people dont have definitive rigidity to their personalities. He is a human being, so they know there is a thin line border that they cannot cross (most humans around us).

The book handled sensitive topics, and it points the readers in the right direction. The climax is so full of adrenaline and it fits with the story in the right way. I appreciate the author’s take on the solution in the climax. It nudges the reader to contemplate and comprehend an issue.

Overall, this book is exceptional and I highly recommend this book for its unique story.

My rating for this book is 3.5 stars

I thank the author for the book in exchange for my honest review.