Title: Gone (previously named Mind Games)

Author: Leona Deakins

“Everything is not as it seems”

I am still basking in the awe of the mystery. What a book! I highly recommend this book. It was an immersive read. Every single page of the book had something to offer. For a debut novel, Leona Deakin has done a commendable job. Absolutely Amazing!!

The story revolves around 2 private investigators, Dr. Augusta Bloom and Marcus Jameson.

Augusta is a psychologist who frequently works with the police. Marcus is ex-MI6.

The story is intelligent and complex. The writing puts you in a lost- in- the- story mode (I really lost track of time!). It swayed me to imagine every scene. Every minute detail is precise from the first page where Dr. Bloom is talking to Seraphine Walker to the last page where Dr. Bloom is tackling a difficult situation. These scenes played right in front me (was that redundant!).

What I love about Dr. Bloom’s character she doesn’t have any shade. It is mostly neutral throughout the book. She’s strong, but she’s not turned into a hero. Jameson, is, however, is complementary to Augusta’s character.

The central theme of the book is society and the human connection. Pain and experiences connect all human beings. I think the book also highlighted how we like to label people around us.

The ending was a masterpiece and merged with the story making it sensible climax. And it seemed the ending paved way for more of Dr. Bloom novel ( I loved to read more of them!).

Complete mind-twisting and gripping suspense.

Thank you, NetGalley and Random House UK, Transworld Publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

My rating for the book is 5 stars.