Hope to die Cara Hunter; A book review

Title: Hope to Die

Author: Cara Hunter

Genre: Police Procedural/ Crime fiction

# of pages: 416

Published by: Penguin Random

Published on: 23 Dec 21

Source: NetGalley


DI Adam Fawley and his team come back for yet another compelling and complex case. 

A man is shot to death with no recognizable face in Swann’s residence. Their house is on the far edge of the town. When Fawley’s team reaches the incident, they are perplexed by the crime scene given to police by Richard and his wife. 

But the complication does not end there. The more they dig, the more puzzling shreds of evidence they find and this led to a missing child case from decades ago. 

Fawley and his team have to think outside of the box to solve not just one case but two of them. 


It is the sixth book in the series of DI Adam Fawley. Cara Hunter’s Fawley is flawed and yet his detective senses are impeccable. The sixth book in the series can be read on its own. But it is recommended to read from the start as each of the stories is intriguing and all the characters grow at a gradual pace. 

Fawley and the recurring characters have moved on from the last book. Fawley admires being a father again, as his daughter is three months old. He is also happy that his wife, Alex, is in a better place and she’s coming back to what she used to before tragedy struck the Fawley family a few years back. 

Two elderly people are involved in a complicated case and that troubles the team. They gradually and with the right pace uncovered the case. Every step the team takes becomes a huge turn. This is one of the best things about Hunter’s writing. It’s methodical and takes a flow. 

The death of this unidentified person has raised more questions than answers. The book presented these questions in a different format and it engages with the reader, making them equally involved in the story. 

The intriguing element of the story keeps the reader guessing. This book is one level up from its earlier ones. Alongside its brilliant format for these,

  • Voicemails
  • DNA reports
  • Web series (Netflix)
  • Created psychological analysis of one character (using proper medical terms)

As with all books of Cara Hunter, this book, too, has a central theme that applies to our society and times. The main theme of the book varies, but abuse and biased judgment are at the core. 

As mentioned before, this book can be read as a standalone and once you start, it will be really difficult to put it down.  

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.