Since my last post, I have been around a little. It was related to my health and then we moved back to the UK. I was tied up with a lot of other things. But it was also time I re-invented myself. Jan 2022, I took up a new hobby, not just to upgrade my skills but nudge my neurons that are probably bored after not trying any new skill in so many years.

So I jumped in, headfirst, trying my hands at two hobbies, at the same time. And after six months, I can say I can make personal gifts for friends and family.

So, I first tried my hands on Cross stitching. My projects looked like this in the beginning

Work in progress (Harbour town)

and after two months, they looked like this

Gifted this to a dear friend

to this in another two months,

This was a housewarming gift

For the first time in a long time, I felt calm and connected to my surroundings. I was happy I could create something (which also looked pretty, that was a bonus!).

Every day I plan for some project (arts and crafts, not a technical project). That gives me the extra energy and motivation to navigate through my day. So, along with cross-stitch I also started working on Crochet.

Every day I plan for a new project (arts and crafts, not a technical project). It gives me the extra energy and motivation to navigate through my day. So, along with the cross-stitch, I also started working on the crochet.

I know, you might think crochet that’s not a big deal! But it was a big deal for me. When my mom started teaching me crochet, I could not make one loop. For days I tried and then finally, I gave up. I was annoyed with myself, though I didn’t brood about it. I continued with my cross stitch fascination and started creating mini-projects. But every time I went to YouTube to learn something new about cross stitching, I would get crochet recommendations. Then finally, I ordered some yarn and hooks for the crochet. I played one particular video I saw before I ordered my things (and I will share the link of that video as it was this video that built my confidence to crochet). Armed with the video and my hooks, I started my journey to just create chains. I kept making things. They were pretty bad; they were crooked, and a few projects were trapezoid instead of straight. I kept doing this every day. And now, after failing innumerable amounts of times, I can do something decent enough to wear or create something for home decor.

Cherry Infinity Cowl
Cherry Infinity Cowl

I hope to create more of such items and either give them as gifts or people around me can buy them to gift to their loved ones.

Keep following to get more news and info about the scarves I am making right now.

They are available for purchase and if you have desired colour in your mind, just contact me and I will create something memorable for you.