Title: Arriving through Time

Author: Heather L Barksdale

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Young Adult

# of pages: 129

Released on: 18th June 2020

Published by: Independently

Arriving through time is a time-travelling story of six teenagers, fighting through their high school demons. They witness the history, and to comprehend what these events signify. And it also changes their perspectives.

Heather Barksdale, arriving through time, is an absolute delight to read. Imagine, as a teenager, one gets the choice to revisit history and witness the events we have learnt in our books. It will change the perspective of the individual.

The story is about six students of a high school who travel together in an unwilling event. They somehow stumble across a time portal or a wormhole that takes them through historical events, which also is related to each one of them. By the end, each of these students knows a little more about themselves and their families.

Lizzie is the main character, and she narrates the story in a conversation style. She’s a strong girl, despite her family issues and grief, she stays strong at the face of a problem or a bully.

The author has captured the concept of inquisitive adolescence where they hear about the family and like to know deeply about their roots and their eventual transformation to the present-day family.

Fun-loving tale of six teenagers is an entertainer from the start to finish. The book doesn’t lose its momentum. It presented the well-known events with intrigue.

The book deals with a contemporary teenage issue and presented a subtle solution to the problem.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank You, Heather Barksdale for the copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:

Arriving through time a book review

Heather L. Barksdale has been a physical therapist, a researcher, a military brat, and now a novelist. She has also traveled throughout the United States, Europe, and Asia seeking adventure. She is an avid fan of historical fiction and calls upon her adventures as inspiration for her stories. She and her husband share their home in Jacksonville, Florida where she enjoys snuggling with her cats and rooting for the Jaguars.

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