The Whole Truth A book review

Title: The Whole Truth

Author: Cara Hunter

Genre: Police Procedural

# of pages: 416

Release Date: 18th March 2021

Published by: Penguin UK

The whole truth is the fifth book in the series of Adam Fawley series. The mystery and the suspense go up one notch higher in this book.

Adam’s team has received a call from Edith Lanceleve College. Mr Hilary Reynold tells the team there has been a report of sexual harassment, only this time it was a man who got assaulted.

Adam and Alex Fawley are excited. Alex Fawley is closed to her pregnancy to term. Something from their past is lingering and is now transitioning to the forefront, and it might change their life forever. Fawley’s past soon catches upon him, and this time the perpetrator hits home. Someone is keeping a close watch on him and Alex. Things turn awry even before he could react. Will he be quick to detonate the situation or, is this the end for Adam?

 The book starts with the list of recurring characters with the details about the characters, so if you do not remember or if this is your first book, it will provide an insight into the characters. One can read it as a standalone book, but for wholesome understanding, it will good read from the start of the series.

It’s easy to get engrossed in Hunter’s book. Her book style is distinctive, the text messages, the WhatsApp messages, Twitter and including podcasts has unique format.

In terms of the recurring characters, the book shows progression in each of their lives. These parts are interspersed with the suspense makes it a pleasant change and keeps the reader captivated. Fawley’s team rise to the occasion not to solve both the cases.

Alex Fawley has a pivotal role in the book. She was a lawyer by profession before the death of her son Jake.

Quite like her earlier books, there are two parallel stories, but this time both the cases take precedence. Hunter’s writing brings out the desperation of Fawley, the anxiousness of his wife, and a feeling of loss for the rest of his team.

The central theme of the book revolves around sexual abuse and harassment, where the power play takes the forefront and becomes the underlying assumption. Also, left to the readers to think about how people react to the power-play concept.

The book is a brilliant read, and the Adam Fawley series will never disappoint you.

Rating: 4 out of 5.