The mystery genre has always interested me. I can read through different genres, but mystery keeps my wheels going when it comes to reading. If I have a reading slump, I grab a copy of a great mystery book.

So, my recommendations are for them who are new to the genre. These are my thoughts. I have a huge of my favourite mystery books, but these are the first few books. In the next few months, I will add some more books to the category.

And then there were none: Agatha Christie

One might find quite a few movies based on this thriller. First released in 1939 under a different title ‘And then there were none’ was incredible then and it remains one of the best books of Agatha Christie. The ending of the book comes as a surprise. It keeps you wondering about the culprit until the very end of the book.

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Blink: K L Slater

KL Slater’s books are simple yet cleverly plotted. Her books keep you engrossed and guessing. The summary will capture your attention. You cannot put down the book once you start reading it. KL Slater’s books do not disappoint you. Just at the moment, you think you have figured out there comes an unforeseen twist. If you have not read any of her books, this is a good one to start.

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Day of the Accident: Nuala Ellwood

A story built on many layers; The Day of the Accident is a dark psychological thriller. Nuala Ellwood’s knowledge of the central theme and the transformation of it is impeccable. She conveys the feeling of the protagonist and, her desperation at the loss of her memory reaches the readers. 

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I let you go: Clare Mackintosh

‘I let you go’ is always on book recommendation. There is a guaranteed “wow” after you finish the book. The story is complicated and, the clues that you will miss. You will go back to those pages after you read the book to figure it out. Clare Mackintosh wrote three suspense thrillers (they are not series), and they all are great. But this is my personal favourite.

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Magpie Murders: Anthony Horowitz

It’s a rare book within a book mystery. The story is riveting and follows the classic whodunnit concept. The twists and the turns of the book will remind you of Agatha Christie and the bygone age. Quite similar to the golden age detective novels, the book is a labyrinth and keeps you engrossed and guessing until the last page. It’s a must-read for whodunnit fans.

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Sleep: C L Taylor

Stranded on a remote island off the coast of Scotland, the book is a classic killer amongst the guest story. Taylor creates an atmosphere filled with tension where every guest is suspected and but the motive is not clear. The book will keep you awake at night to finish along with the characters in the book. Taylor’s description of the remote island adds to the mystery of the book.

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The Murder of Roger Ackroyd: Agatha Christie

This book does not follow the usual format of Christie’s writing. Originally, published in 1926, Murder of Roger Ackroyd gets more puzzling with each page. Every character in the story has a strong motive and appears to be the killer. But the ending comes as a complete shock to the readers.

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The Woman in the Window: AJ Finn

The debut novel of AJ Finn created quite a hype back in 2018. And it was for all the right reasons. The book is a page-turner and suspense of the book is layered, so the reader will unravel the mystery one by one yet could never imagine the outcome of it. The book deals with mental illnesses like trauma, agoraphobia.

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Close to Home: Cara Hunter

The debut novel of Cara Hunter created the character, DI Adam Fawley. It has now become one of the most famous characters. Be cautious because you will get attached to this character and his investigative techniques. It is the first in the series four books (soon to be five-book series). The plot is fast-paced and a mystery that keeps the reader engaged. The story also contains social media messages, online news and interviews that separates from the rest of the story format. The format keeps the reader engrossed.

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The Thursday Murder Club: Richard Osman

A debut novel by Richard Osman is quirky, funny and filled with suspense. Set in a luxury retirement home, its lead investigators are nearing 80s. But their age doesn’t deter them, that’s what motivates them to solve cold cases. But when they get in their hands a hot new murder mystery, they cannot resist helping the local police to solve the murders in their quaint town.

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Did you read any of the books? If yes, please leave a comment below would love to hear your thoughts.

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