Lost A book review
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Title: Lost

Author: Leona Deakin

Genre: Suspense Thriller

# of pages: 480

Expected Publication date: 29th October 2020

Published by: Random House UK

Dr Bloom and Jameson will team up once again to run against time to unearth mystery to save the innocent lives.

An Explosion blasts through Royal Navy Ball.

· Capt. Harry Peterson goes missing.

· Eight ambulances arrived at the scene, but only seven reach the designated hospital.

· Three days later, they find him in a hospital, but with no memory.

· Evil people with nefarious intent is behind the whole incident.

A convoluted tale of revenge, murder and return of archenemies!

Lost is the second book or more of a sequel to Gone (of Dr Augusta Bloom series). The second book brings back Dr Augusta Bloom along with her ex- MI6 partner Marcus Jameson.

Captain Harry Peterson was at the Royal Navy ball and was waiting for his partner, Karene. Just then, an explosion rocks the building.

Karene looks for Harry but unable to find him and presumed missing she calls her friend Dr Augusta Bloom.

This case needs specialized skills of Marcus, but he is agitated by Bloom’s behaviour and is unwilling to work with her. But Dr Bloom convinces Marcus to help them at the end. But when they find Capt. Peterson, he is in a hospital with extensive bruises and injuries to his head. They rush to him to get answers. But he does not remember the last four years of his life.

What started as a simple case of a missing person soon turns out to be a convoluted tale of revenge, murder and return of archenemies!

The readers know a very little about the background of Dr Bloom. In this book, you see a friend from her past asks for her help. The work ties between Bloom and Marcus are at the fringe of snapping. This case needed Marcus’s specialization and background of MI6. 

Deakin has weaved an intricate story of mystery and thrill. The book is fast-paced and well-researched, especially the medical aspect.

The story and the suspense keep mounting and, the ending of the book leaves you yearning for more of Bloom and Marcus.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Lost will continue to blow your mind!

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