How's that? Let's play cricket

Title: How’s that! Let’s play cricket

Author: Neil Nitin

Genre: Children’s book

# of pages: 26

Published on: 3rd July

Published by: Self published

As a kid, I recall my father had real trouble explaining the terms of cricket and I could never remember them. My father figured out that if he drew them for me, I could relate to them better.

Neil Nitin’s book helps the young readers understand the game of cricket with colours and beautiful illustrations. It’s an expressive tool for parents and an interesting way for kids to learn about this sport. And a picture is worth a thousand words! The illustrations are joyful and reflect the mood of the kids playing the game.

The book shows both the teams playing and the vocabulary used in each of the instances. The interesting point is the book has a list of words at the end of the book for easy reference.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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