Title: None of this is true

Author: Lisa Jewell

Release Date: 20th July 2023

Source: NetGalley


Alix Summers abirnd Josie Fair are birthday twins. They could not be further apart in their personalities. Alix is a famous podcaster talking about women empowerment. Josie Fair is quiet and mild woman who both kids are now off to college. Their paths cross in a pub when both these woman arrive to celebrate their forty fifth birthday. Surprisingly, Alix and Josie did not just share birthday, they were born in the same hospital.

While in the pub, something in Josie clicked and she wanted to become friends with her birthday twin. When both Alix and Josie keep bumping into each other, Josie proposes that her life can be intriguing material for Alix’s podcast. Tempted to pursue this new podcast concept, Alix lets Josie into her life. But more she interacted with Josie, the more she realized is complicated and weird in many ways.

She starts recording her podcasts with Josie and time passes. She has a nagging feeling that something is off with Josie. But before she can even understand what’s going, Josie disappears. But her disppearance leaves a trail of disruption in Alix’s life. Left unraveled, the only hope Alix has to find out who is Josie?


Lisa Jewell’s books are intriguing right from the first page. There is element of mystery, intrigue and pointer towards social issues. The book is narrated from Josie and Alix’s perspective and its interspersed with Netflix documentary. Alix and Josie are contrasting character and thats reflected in their narratives too. There is something about Josie that will not sit right with the readers, but the more you read the more mysterious Josie becomes. Both Alix and Josie have issues in life and they handle in such unique way.

The ending is just phenomenal. It will force you to think once you have finished the book and wonder about the usual definitions of good and bad. The writing, the concept and the premise they all fall together wonderfully by the end of the book.

I absolutely recommend this book.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.