Anna's Journey a book review

Anna’s Journey is a tale of young minds preparing for the world and their lives ahead. A minor decision can change the course of their lives. 

One day Anna wakes up next to a beach. She is on a boat but not on the water. Surprised & dazed she looks around. She sees people are carrying her boat over their shoulders.  A mysterious voice tells her she is going to the Shores of Possibility. Anna only remembers her and her birthday, and the rest she cannot remember. From thereon, Anna embarks on a journey to discover herself and encounters life-changing events . 

The book is relevant to all age groups. It is a book that takes you on a fantastical journey with shadows of the real world. Every chapter is filled with pure imagination. It is a sweet reminder of innocence and the transition from child to teenager. The book is a reflection of my vivid imagination. I often imagine that seagulls come around and talk to us. There is a similar scene in the book and, I could not stop smiling at it. 

“Well we can all talk, can’t we?the seagull responded scornfully.”

from Anna’s Journey

The book shines a light on issues, such as love for parents and friends and the commitments we make to them. The tale of Anna gives hope and love and reminds people of incorruptible young minds. Anna is a resilient young girl who, without fear, decides to pursue her self-discovery. She stands up brave in the face of danger and trusts her instincts. 

Anna’s journey is a book relevant to all age groups. The book is a delightful hint to what we miss in our lives, a chance of pure imagination. Delve into this book and ride along with Anna on this beautiful journey to find oneself. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Many thanks to the author for introducing me to the world of Anna and her wonderful and fantastical world.