Title: One Child Alive (Rockwell & Decker #3)

Author: Ellery A Kane

Genre: Police Procedural

# of pages: 376

Published on: 23 June 2021

Published by: Bookouture

Source: NetGalley

The third book in the series of Rockwell & Decker, and they team up once again to solve yet another brutal murder.

Peter Fox, a public defense attorney and, lived a comfortable life with his wife, Hannah, and three kids. They were the picture of the perfect family. And this makes their murder particularly gruesome. The police are surprised and cannot figure out who would want to kill them.

Thomas Fox, the youngest member of the Fox family, survived the massacre. He is the witness who saw the entire murder happening in front of him. Traumatized and shocked by the events, Olivia and Decker save him. But he shivers the minute his eyes land on the uniform of the nearby police officer.

Olivia and Decker have a double challenge. They not only have to find the culprit but also have to save Thomas too. Because now the killer knows about the witness. They do not have many people whom they can trust.

Olivia is smart & instinctive and, her profession helps get her insight into the human mind. She is engrossed in solving her father’s case. The events around his incarceration were complicated and unclear. 

Decker is more case-centric and yet distracted by other events around him. He is moving as if he has to prove something to himself.

Their partnership has grown since the first book. Their relationship has brightened. But, on the professional front, they are not in sync.

Olivia’s presence is less than in the earlier books. Decker takes center stage and investigates the case with Olivia’s help.

Olivia’s attention is divided between her father’s case and Fox’s multiple homicides. It forms a parallel story and continues from the first book. The readers can hope it will continue to the next book.

The mystery and intrigue stay unaffected by the subplot. A lack of suspect pool and motive makes it harder to investigate the case.

The finale of the book comes with a huge thrill part and, the epilogue ends with hope for the next book.

The series is a must-read but, readers should read Book 1 and 2 as the subplots are related to the earlier books.

One child alive is a suspense thriller with a twist ending.

Thank you, NetGalley and Bookouture, for the copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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