Title: The Reunion

Author: Samantha Hayes

# of pages: 384

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Release Date: 9th Feb 2018

Published by: Bookouture

(Book in my library😍)

Claire has arranged for a reunion to help her father, Patrick. He has Alzheimer’s and is deteriorating at a fast pace. Claire wants her father to remember the good old days. A time before Lenni went missing. The family has suffered a lot. Lenni, Claire’s younger sister, disappeared 21 years ago, and it changed everything in their life and the neighbourhood.
When everybody from her past arrives at the reunion, it brings back memories. And now someone in the reunion knows more than they are letting on! But a kid goes missing amid this reunion.

Will Claire ever find out what exactly happened to her sister? Will she and her family ever get closure?

Claire has a lovely family and works as a real estate agent. She is married to Callum, and they have a pronounced age gap between them and have two kids together, Marcus and Amy. On the surface, it looks like Claire has moved on. But in the back of her mind, she always remembers Eleanor. Her disappearance had changed the entire family dynamics. Jason, Claire’s younger brother, is not on good terms with his parents. He lives with Greta in London and will soon be parents too.

Claire and her friends always looked up to Patrick and Shona before the tragedy struck the family. Claire’s friends were close to them and her parents, in turn, loved each of the kids.

The plotline is nail-biting and addictive. The book pulls the reader, and the force of knowing more pushes you through each page. It has a limited pool of characters, and it’s easy to navigate through them. Each of them is unique and has a secret to hide. The pace of the story is good and keeps the reader on toes.

The story revolves around family, trust, and grief. The book goes on to portray how one situation can have a rippling effect. The author also handled Alzheimer’s and how it affects the family with such sensitivity and precision.

The story comes with twists and red herrings. The reader will predict only to be proved wrong. The ending of the book comes as a complete surprise.

Samantha Hayes’s The Reunion is a compelling thriller about a girl who went missing more than 20 years ago.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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