Her Last Holiday a book review

Title: Her Last Holiday

Author: C. L. Taylor

Genre: Psychological Thriller

# of pages: 400

Date of publication: 29th April 

Published by: Avon UK

(Complimentary copy from NetGalley)

For the past two years, Fran did not find any closure. Jenna, her sister, disappeared from a wellness retreat in Malta. Tom Wade, the face of Soul Shrink, was in prison for the last two years. It was not just the disappearance of Jenna; two people also got killed in the same retreat.  But during the trial, nothing was ever mentioned about Jenna. Fran and her mother never got any answers. 

Kate, Tom’s wife, arranges for a retreat nine months after his prison release. 

Fran, though with much reluctance, decides to go to the retreat. She determined to find out what exactly happened to Jenna. 

But a retreat where two people got killed and one disappeared will she get her answers or more questions?

The story follows Fran, a 51-year-old IT teacher. With no explanation or knowledge of what happened to Jenna, Geraldine, Fran’s mother, cannot move on in life. But Geraldine’s constant pestering, Fran agrees to go to the retreat with many objections. Fran is supposed to go to the retreat to ask questions to Tom Wade directly. 

Fran is an interesting character. She has a no-nonsense attitude and speaks her mind. Fran is twelve years older than Jenna and, this age gap between them has always created distance between them. That is why her disappearance has put her in a state of guilt and grief. 

Kate and Fran narrate the story in the present and Jenna in the past. The author presented narrators in contrast. All of them are unique women and, yet they come from similar backgrounds. 

The book also has a big pool of characters and, the reader will find each one of them may know something. These red herrings keep the reader engaged until the last page. There is remarkable distinctiveness in each of the characters. 

It’s a slow burn story, where it takes time to build the story. But the story does not lose its charm, even for a moment. The author also delved into the relationship of both the sisters and their relationship with their mother. That part portrays raw human emotions and gives a perspective of their relationship. 

Her last holiday is a compelling thriller with red herrings and characters that will keep you hooked until the end. 

If you have not read any of Taylor’s book, you need to pick up her right away. Her stories will keep you on the edge of the seat. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Avon Books for the copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.


Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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