I lie in wait a book review

Title: I lie in wait

Author: Amanda Brittany

# of pages: 252

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Published on : 28th August

Published by: HQ 

Amelia Taylor’s life has become a whirlpool of sadness. She has lost the love of her, her mom died of cancer, and the worst is her sister Lark went missing, without a trace. Her life fell apart after the disappearance of her sister.

Around the anniversary of the disappearance, she feels restless. She goes to the vacation home, from where Lark went missing along with her father and her brother, Thomas. Just in case, if they found something. Once they arrive in Drummondale Estate, they realise it’s a mistake. Amelia gets a déjà vu. She sees same the people in the vacation home, only mom and her sister are missing. That is when everything goes awry when one more girl from the estate goes missing. Amelia resolves to investigate the matters and find both the girls.

Someone has an ulterior motive, and they might kill to keep matters buried.

I lie in wait is a suspense thriller set in the Scottish Highlands and people stuck in the estate because of the terrible weather and snow.

The narration is in now and then format. Amelia narrates their trip to the vacation home and their time in the vacation home one year back.

Caroline, Amelia’s mother, had cancer and wanted to take a trip with her family for one last time. She was separated from Robert, Amelia’s father, and came with her partner Jackson. But the day Lark goes missing, they never saw Jackson, again. Between losing her mother and sister disappearing, Amelia’s relationship with her partner William becomes strained and they part ways.

The books start with Amelia’s narration but are interspersed with Ruth’s, the owner of the estate, narration. The reader can see the major characters through her eyes, which gives readers a wider perspective.

Brittany’s writing is interesting, and she used uncanny elements to describe the vacation home. Trapped in a snowstorm with a probable kidnapper/killer on the loose couple with no electricity and a masked will bring in the absolute thrill.

The book ends in a two-fold twist that the reader will not see coming. The book is intriguing and addictive from the start.

I lie in wait by Amanda Brittany is a brilliant psychological thriller that you will not see coming.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you NetGalley and HQ for the free copy of the book for my honest review.

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