Title: The Dare

Author: Lesley Kara

# of pages: 320

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Date of Publication: 18th Feb 2021

Published by: Transworld Digital

Alice and Lizzie are childhood friends. In an unfortunate accident, Alice dies, and Lizzie was with her during the accident. However, she cannot remember anything because of her epilepsy seizure. 

Twelve years later, Lizzie is engaged to Dr Ross Murray, and they have recently bought a house together. But due to her epilepsy, she could not pursue higher education or a career. With the move and the engagement, she feels she more control over her seizure and decides to study. 

Her parents drop off her things at her new house, and she goes through them, which brings her a lot of childhood memories and Alice. The moment she remembers Alice, she goes numb. Did she have a blackout, or there is something sinister about the whole accident?

Lizzie Molyneux has to fight every day with herself. Ross takes care of her, and she tries every day so that seizures don’t take control over her life. Ross is loving and dedicated to Lizzie. They have love and mutual respect. 

The story is in the past and present format. In the past, the narration is before and after the accident. It is heartbreaking to read the narrative with all the accusations that flew around Lizzie. From the first page, there is a mystery and a sense of impending trepidation. The pace of the story is good and keeps the reader engaged from the beginning.

Every page brings out a new twist and turn. The book creates an atmosphere and tension that urges the reader to keep flipping the pages to know what happened. The pace of the book is apt, and it does not slow down even for a moment. 

The author also handled the topic of epilepsy with such sensitivity and grace. 

Lesley Kara’s stories will intrigue you, and you cannot help but keep reading. If you haven’t read her book yet, you should go ahead order her books right away. 

The Dare is a thriller revolving around retribution, guilt and friendship.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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