Title: Your Neighbour’s Wife

Author: Tony Parsons

Genre: Domestic Thriller

# of pages: 432

Date of publication: 7th Jan 2021

Published by: Cornerstone Digital

Tara Carver is living a dream; a wonderful home, a lovely child, and an amazing husband. Tara runs a successful dating app named Angel Eyes. She travels and works, and her husband Christian stays at home and takes care of them. One of her business trips takes her to Tokyo. The trip changed everything in her life.

James Caine is stalking Tara. Her life is in disarray, and she is living in constant fear. Her life is spiraling out of control. Will, she let it fall apart?

It is a psychological thriller with a great twist at the end. Tara has a loving family, she has a son Marlon, and they have a dog named Buddy. In short, a perfect family. Christian is a loving husband, and he worked as a music journalist. But with changing times, he lost his job and now takes care of his family. Portrayed as a dedicated husband, Christian is the one who keeps this family together.
Tara’s character is annoying. Her decisions do not seem to align with the setup. One of her colleagues describes her perfectly. Her character is portrayed as convoluted and takes arbitrary decisions.
Tara is the face of Angel Eyes. But the app is managed by a couple of other leaders, which brings discord to the team.

The book opens up with a strong premise. The author described Tara’s trip to Tokyo with authenticity. There are descriptions of the streets, restaurants, and culture of Japan.
But the story somewhere has lost its plot. It brings a good twist. But it was something predictable.

The author has done a commendable job portraying role reversal in society. Tara’s parent’s relationship is in direct contrast to her relationship. There are pointers for the readers to ponder.
Your neighbor’s wife is a good thriller with good potential.

Unfortunately, that’s where it ends.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

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