The Secret Angel A book Review

Title: The Secret Angel

Author: Smita Bhattacharya

# of pages: 225

Genre: Suspense Thriller

Published on: 27 Oct 2019

Published by: Rumour Books

The Secret Angel is the second book in the series of Darya Nandkarni, an amateur sleuth. After her episode in Goa in the earlier book, she found a place of peace and serenity. She is living with her boyfriend Aaron, and they have started a luxury hotel. And any boutique hotel is incomplete without a cosy café. So, Darya plans to go to Bombay to do a barista course.

Bombay had been her home for a long time. Veda, her old friend and Darya take up an apartment in the quiet neighbourhood of Chapel road. But, Chapel Road has its history. There have been reports of missing girls from the past few years, and they stay unsolved to date.

Darya has a magnetic pull towards such mysteries, but this is more than she can bite. It might involve a serial killer lurking in the shadows.

The second book revolves around a darker theme. Darya’s life moved on from the incident that happened in Goa. She and Aaron have a fulfilling relationship. Her friend Veda is on the other side of the scale, she going through a rough patch in life. Darya could feel her pain as she was in a similar situation before she met Aaron.

The book has more complex characters along with the complicated case. The crimes in this book are heinous as it involves young girls abducted from the safety of their home.

The book deals with a lot of sensitive topics (all part of the mystery) and applies to Indian society, especially for women and abuse.

Smita describes the quaint neighbourhood of Chapel Road with intricate details. The readers will have no difficulty imagining the streets of Bombay. The Chapel Road is turned into a personality, an unwitting witness to an evil deed.

The book’s end brought out as a thrill chase sequence and nail-biting. There are only a handful of recurring characters, so one can read it as a standalone book. But, midway through the book, the book loses its momentum.

Kiss of salt, her first book in the series, hits the bull’s eye straight. The Secret Angel meanders before hitting the bull’s eye.

The Secret Angel takes the suspense level a notch higher in this book.

It’s a compelling edge of the seat thriller.

Thank you, Smita Bhattacharya, for the copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

About the Author:

Smita Bhattacharya writes atmospheric cosy and psychological mystery fiction. She is also a management consultant, coffee lover, and gipsy-in-her-head. She lives in Mumbai but has solo travelled to 40+ countries and thus, her stories are heavily inspired by her travels and by those she meets. 

Smita has six published books and counting. She has worked in a vineyard, in a newsroom, in a school, in a library, in a bank, in an audit firm. She has too many stories to tell and not enough time. 

Smita thrives on crime and coffee. Though she prefers cafés, she occasionally also hangs as @smitabe on Twitter and Instagram. You can read her colourful travel and life stories at

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