337 a book review

Title: 337

Author: M Jonathan Lee

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

# of pages:233

Expected Publication: 30th November

Published by: Hideaway Fall

Lee’s book 337 is a unique reading experience as its title.

It’s one of those books that makes you stop and appreciate life for a moment.

Samuel Darte’s life changed since the day his mom went missing 20 years ago. He could never come out of the mystery. For many years, he kept obsessing until life fell apart. One day he receives a call from his father informing him that his grandmother is in the hospice and may not live long. Sam had arguments with his grandmother and did not talk for many years. Now that she’s dying he can only hope to find out what happened.

Sam narrates the story in the first person. He deals with his ordinary life and, that makes the book incredible to read. Sam works remotely for a company and shows the reader the countdown of the time left to finish his weekly quota. While going through his daily life, he reminisces over his childhood and his brother, Tom.

The author portrayed the emotions and how the entire incident changed the way of his life. The readers understand why Sam and his grandmother grew apart and the situation leading up to it. The book is written with intricate details of regular life and, the characters are well fleshed out.

Sam talks about his brother Tom, who has grown up to become a famous musician and relates to his feeling and how he must have felt once their mother disappeared. He was only seven and was attached to his mother more than Sam.

The book addresses a couple of sensitive topics, which also form the part of the mystery. The author gave the reader the narrative and, by the end, serious food for thought.

The unique point of this book is through mundane things author showcased and relayed a lot of emotional concepts that are relatable to the readers.

Overall, 337 is a rare story of hope and relationships and all the ordinary things that make up our life with a twist of mystery.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Thank you, Hideaway Fall for the copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:

M. Jonathan Lee is a nationally shortlisted English author. His debut novel, The Radio was nationally shortlisted in The Novel Prize 2012. He has released four further novels, The Page, A Tiny Feeling of Fear and Broken Branches. His fifth novel, the critically acclaimed Drift Stumble Fall was published in Spring 2018, published by Hideaway Fall.

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