42 Million To One book review

Title: 42 million to one

Author: Hal Malchow

Genre: Political Thriller

# of pages: 410

Published on: 4th August 2020

Published by: Double M Publishers

Hal Malchow’s 42 million to one is a political thriller revolving around the elections and voting machines or the hackability of these machines.

Lucy Gilmore is a rookie journalist with The Post, and she stumbles upon the case of manipulation of election results through tampering the devices. As she uncovers more data from 2004 to 2016, she gets confident there is more to the elections than just pressing the button for the right candidate.

Timed around the US election, the book discusses and gives pointers about the vulnerabilities of voting machines.

The main characters narrate the story, and the chapters are named after each of them. It intersperses these with narration from the news channels such as CNN or NBC.

Four people from four unique background narrate their stories. Lucy Gilmore is a journalist. Max Parker works as a campaign manager for democratic parties. Sheldon Klumm, a techie who works with the voting machine company Election Day Inc. Nadia Fedorov, a woman with ulterior motives. Towards the end, more characters narrate their side, but these four stays in the limelight.

Lucy looks into the election as her uncle Vince loses an election projected as his winning election.

Wrapping facts with fictional characters and setting, making it thrilling. The book gives a lot of insight into the election process and the malpractices around the voting machines. The author has also projected his ideologies that can be adapted by the governing bodies and people of influence.

Jeffrey Scott is an ideal candidate. Scott’s character is the leader needed in today’s world. His thought process is flawless in a world that is dominated by power and money.

The book well -researched, and the author provided links at the book for the authenticity of the book’s subject.

The ending of the book is well manoeuvred, but it took time to reach. The book dragged for some time towards the end. It could have been a book that merged fact with fiction to give an astounding thriller. But somewhere in between that concept was lost.

Overall, 42 million to one is an exciting political thriller with thought-provoking concepts on our democracy and politics.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Thank you, Mindbuck Media for the copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

About the Author:

Hal Malchow book review

Hal Malchow is chairman of MSHC Partners, one of America’s leading voter contact firms. He has won numerous creative awards for his work on behalf of clients and helped pioneer the use of statistical modeling in politics. In 2005, the Direct Marketing Association of Washington named him the Sisk Vision Award winner for pioneering vision that has shaped the American direct marketing industry. The two previous winners were the National Geographic Society and the marketing director of NIKE.

Malchow grew up in Gulfport, Miss., and holds a law degree from the University of the Pacific, where he was named one of two outstanding graduates of his class. Prior to moving to the Washington area, he served as campaign manager for Al Gore’s first campaign for the U.S. Senate

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