Ollie's Garden Book review

Title: Ollie’s Garden

Author: Riya Aarini

# of pages: 36

Genre: Children’s Book

Expected date of publication: 14th November 2020

Ollie is back again! This time he is the King of his garden. Ollie wears his crown and has a sceptre to rule his kingdom. Ollie’s garden is home to a variety of creatures. The frogs, the bugs, the chipmunks. Quite like humans, they have different demands too. Ollie being the king, they go to him with their pleas. But will Ollie help them or it will overwhelm him?

The third book in the series, Ollie’s garden comes with a brand-new lesson, a lesson that’s important in these times. The creatures in the garden have issues amongst themselves and, they end fighting and arguing with each other. They go to Ollie to resolve their issues. After spending an entire day in the garden, he loses perspective. He goes out and plays with his friends and that when he gets the idea to resolve the issues amongst his garden beings.

The lesson in this book is special because there is a two-fold lesson. First, when Ollie announces himself the king of the garden, he also takes up the responsibility of its living being. Second, with diversity comes complications, but accepting the differences makes it beautiful. And once again, Ollie has to learn his lesson and grow up and become a notch wiser.

The book, like its earlier two books, has fascinating and enticing illustrations. Aarini has superseded herself and, I will love to read the next book in the series.

The preceding books of the series are Ollie’s Backpack and Ollie’s Haffiness, which released earlier in the year.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About the Author

Riya Aarini's Photograph

Riya is a writer of children’s fiction and nonfiction. She gets to take her whimsical flights of fancy and let them live in the wonderful world of books.

Her picture book Pickerton’s Jiggle will be released in 2021.She is also the author of the Carefree Ollie early reader series.

Find out more on her website Riya Aarini’s website.

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