Ollie's Haffiness Book review
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Title: Ollie’s Haffiness (Carefree Ollie series)

Author: Riya Aarini

Illustrations by Virvalle Carvallo

#of pages: 36

Genre: Early Readers

Expected date of publication: 12th September 2020

Riya Aarini comes back with yet again with the adventures of Ollie in the 2nd book of the Carefree Ollie series.

Ollie has lost his second tooth. He dozes off while waiting for the tooth fairy. And the next morning, Ollie wakes up to find his new pet chameleon in a glass tank. With all his joy, he names him Haffiness (instead of Happiness) since his tooth fell off, he pronounces, ‘f’, instead of, ‘p’.

Yet again, Ollie teaches a brilliant lesson of not taking our loved ones for granted (not limited to humans but also our friends in the animal kingdom).

Like her previous books, her new book is not just for the early readers but also adults too. Most often, it is adults who forget the lesson of gratitude. We forget that the people around us need to know how much they mean to us. Only when we lose them, we realize their importance.

The illustrations depicting Ollie losing his teeth to him being sad when he lost his pet are so real. They bring in pure joy. They are pure and joyful to read through the book.

And now the question is, will Ollie understand this when his pet goes missing? 

Find out more about Ollie new adventure in the latest book of Riya Aarini.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank you, Riya Aarini for the copy of the book and giving me the experience of reading the Carefree Ollie series.

About the Author

Riya Aarini's Photograph

Riya Aarini’s latest work is her Carefree Ollie series, written for an early reader audience (ages 5-7). Ollie’s Haffiness is Book Two in the series, with Book Three following in the Nov of 2020. Stay tuned for more inspiring children’s books!

Find out more on her website Riya Aarini’s website.

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