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Title: The Honjin Murders

Author: Seishi Yokomizo 

# of pages: 151

Published by: Pushkin Press

Published on: 4th August 2020

A locked room murder, a red-ochre painted room and the sound of the koto (a traditional Japanese string instrument )…. all of these elements are so perfect..

an excerpt from the book

Kosuke Kindaichi is a detective character created by Seishi Yokomizo. The Honjin murders’ is the first book in the series of 77 books based on the same detective. This is my second Japanese mystery book (the first book I read was Murder in the crooked house by Soji Shimada). Both the authors are bestsellers in their time. Seishi Yokomizo wrote between 1902-1981 and precedes Soji Shimada. Sadly, only a few of their works have been translated.

The book is a classic locked-room mystery. A crime is committed on the wedding night of Kenzo and Katsuko. But, how the perpetrator committed the crime with no point of entry or exit is the main point of mystery. Something that irks the detective too until he solves it.

Katsuko Kobo is a school teacher. Kenzo is a nobleman. He is not interested in his family business.

Kenzo devotes his time in education and scientific discoveries.

Kenzo Ichiyanagi and Katsuko Kubo are engaged and will get married on 25th December 1937.

Itoko, the matriarch of the Ichiyanagi family, did not approve of the engagement but gave in after much persuasion.

Just around the wedding, there is a rumour about a creepy looking man roaming in the village.

On the wedding night and after a wonderful celebration, the entire family house wakes up to screams and music playing at the same time. When the police come they find only evidence, that’s a katana. Who is the murderer and, how was the crime committed?

Locked room mysteries are delightful to read. The author narrates the story. The book will remind you of Hercule Poirot or, in my case, Feluda (Feluda by Satyajit Ray) by Satyajit Ray. The book is cleverly written and the readers will scratch their head while solving this mystery. It isn’t a long book, and the book has a good pace. The author plays fair with the reader; he points out towards the end of the book.

I have Seishi Yokomizo another book, The Inugami Curse, in my TBR. I am too excited to read the next one.

Thank you, NetGalley and Steerforth Press for the copy of the book in exchange for my honest review. 

My rating for the book is 4 stars.

Rating: 4 out of 5.