Title: Little Tales 

Author: Raymond Pyke

Genre: Fantasy

Format: Audiobook 

Published by: Self Published (complimentary copy from the author)

Little Tales is a collection of 23 delightful stories of fantasy and magical lands. The stories are about childhood fantasy and metaphors. These are like the stories are I grew up listening! They are optimistic and are filled with innocence.

The stories are serene to listen. It’s a book that you can listen with the kids for a soothing finish to the day. The author set a few of the stories in locations like in Africa, India and Wales.

My favourite stories are The Wicked Witch, Shadow Girl and Dream Girl. These three stories have magic and a metaphor as expected. But the twist was surreal and had elements of mystery.

Emma Riches, the narrator, complements the books with her narration.  Her voice is calm and comforting. She animated the stories through her voice. 

The author embedded delicate messages in the story, which makes the stories extra fascinating. 

It’s a book for all ages. It’s a book I will keep in my audiobook library.

My rating is 5 stars.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

About the Author:

Raymond Pyke's bio from Amazon

Raymond Pyke was born in Birkenhead in the United Kingdom. He graduated with a BA degree from Liverpool University. He started writing in his teenage years and his early ambition was to be an established author. However, life intervened and his writing took a back seat for a while. Now that the pen is back in his hand, the ideas from those years gone by are finally being put down on paper. His preferred subject matter covers a wide range, such as science fiction, fantasy, the paranormal, adventure, romance, and children’s stories.