Title: One day in December
Author: Josie Silver
# of pages: 413
Genre: Fiction

“….‘Sometimes you just meet the right person at the wrong time,’ I say softly. ‘Yeah,’ he says. ‘And then you spend every day afterwards wishing that time could be rearranged.’….”

One day in December is a perfect Christmas read! But I read it on a rainy evening.

The book follows the story of Jack and Laurie. One Christmas evening while going back home she sees this man sitting at the bus stop. Just at the moment, her heart flutters and she knows he’s the one. Something similar happens on the other side with the guy when he looks at her through the other side of the window. But the moment flies away as soon as it came. For the next 10 years, they keep missing each other. Life takes them through several trials and tribulations before they can be together again.

It’s been a few days since I wanted to read something different from my usual genre. Something uplifting, happy and hopeful.

After I read the first few lines of the book, I was completely drawn to it.

“….I’ve been coughed on and sneezed at, and if the woman in front of me shakes her dandruff my way again, I might just douse her with the dregs of the lukewarm coffee that I’m no longer able to drink because it’s full of her scalp….”

It’s a romantic book (the ones I avoid) but it has more than love. It has friendship, hope and those emotions that make us human. In the world of uncertainties, cruelties, and COVID-19, it gives you hope and lets us revisit our memories of old friends.

Sarah, Jack and Laurie are tied not just through love but also through their friendship. Three of them built a strong friendship with a sound foundation. Over the years, together they added bricks of love, hope, trust, loss, grief and many such emotions. This friendship survived many storms and yet it remained strong.

Their Sarah and Laurie’s friendship will remind you of that friend of yours whom you have missed.

In one word, One day in December made me joyous (like Christmas).

My rating is 4 stars.