30270989446Title: The Hunting Party

Author: Lucy Foley

Genre: Suspense/ mystery

# of pages: 406



  • 9 friends in a remote highland lodge
  • One victim and rest are suspects
  • Who is killed?
  • Who can kill their friend?

Emma is Mark’s girlfriend and was introduced to this group of friends a few years back. Other people in the group are Miranda, Julien, Katie, Samira, Giles, Nick and Bo. Bo and Emma are the only two outsiders in the group. Rest of them are together for over 10 years. They have a tradition to meet up on New Year’s Eve. This year they chose a remote lodge in the Scottish Highlands called Loch Corrin Lodge. But one of them is killed. Who got killed and by whom?

So, the usual mystery thrillers are about finding the suspect. Now imagine it’s doubled up when you don’t know the victim either. That is the uniqueness of this book is the author’s ability to spin a story and keep you hooked until the end. That takes the star.

Heather, the employee of the lodge narrates in present (after the new year) and 3 friends among the group narrate the story in the past (3 days before the incident). They talk about the group, talk about their resentments, their backgrounds and their relationships.

I liked how the author gave shades of colour to each of the characters. They weren’t black and white. They are flawed. But when comes to liking any of them, I couldn’t like them.

The ending comes as a surprise.

The hunting party is a highly recommended book that you can finish in one sitting.

My rating 3.5 stars.