Miscreants Murderers Thieves MASTER COVER copyTitle: Miscreants, Murderers, & Thieves: a collection of short stories about devious behaviour

Author: Samuel. W. Reed (complimentary copy), and 12 different authors (List below with name of the story and the author)

Genre: Short Stories (crime/mystery)

# of pages: 266

Date of publication: 4th Feb 2020

My ratings: 4.5 stars

Short stories are like a breather. They take me out of my reading slump.

Miscreants, Murderers, & Thieves is a collection of 13 short stories mind-altering mystery/crime stories. Written by 13 different authors with pronounced style and writing. It’s like nibbling the short stories that leave a charming taste in your mind.

From quirky, witty to heart-wrenching stories of people. As the title suggests, you have all the elements present in these stories. The common denominator is the characters that are pleasant and invigorating.

Few of my favourites are,

  • Murder at the magic castle (tops the chart) a police detective solves a 25-year-old murder,
  • Last night in Quartzsite, a gas station robbing ends with a blinding twist,
  • Beneath these walls (this one is a sci-fi) a man’s quest save the planet by selfless his actions.
  • The scoop, a popular teen sensation faced with a dilemma and in a moment acts with kindness.
  • Tada!, like the superhero show The Flash. The antagonist talks about fooling the lightning-fast superhero.

Each story presents a scene, and the twists come with them are surprising. They take you on a journey. You immerse in these stories and flow with them. Each of the writers has a distinctive writing style. The stories are different but together in the book they bring out a flavourful taste.

Miscreants, Murderers, & Thieves is a book full of marvellous gem waiting there to read. I recommend this book for crime fiction. It’s a gem that deserves a spot in your bookshelf.

Thank you, Samuel Reed for giving me a copy of this amazing book in exchange for my honest review.

List of stories and authors: 

  1. The temperature at which love freezes: Katherine Tomlinson
  2. Equity: Don Bapst
  3. Murder at the magic castle: Gabriel DiDomenico
  4. Mercy in the west: David Beeler
  5. Last night in Quartzsite: Casey Mensing
  6. Plastic Crap: Ethel Lung
  7. Genuine: Suzanne C. Miller
  8. First tools: Nicolas Zemmen
  9. Sky Riders: Will Wallace
  10. Beneath those veils: Shawn D. Brink 
  11. The Win: Dori Ann Dupré
  12. The Scoop: Samuel W. Reed
  13. Tada!: Dane G. Kroll