Title: All the Rage

Author: Cara Hunter

# of pages: 442

Genre: Crime Fiction/ Psychological Thriller

Date of publication: 23rd Jan 2020

My Rating: 4.5 stars

“Page 6 quote from the book”

Team Fawley is back in action.

……a girl found on the street by a taxi driver in a dishevelled condition. The team investigates but soon hits a roadblock. The girl, Faith Appleford, doesn’t want to cooperate, rather doesn’t want to raise a complaint with police.

……a few days later another girl goes missing. Sasha Blake is looking similar to Faith. Is this a coincidence? But Sasha is not as fortunate as Faith. She never makes it home.

DI Adam Fawley and the team are perplexed. Even though both cases are different on the surface, the team, DI Fawley has a familiar feeling. Something from his past seems to have come back. What comes next is a tale of revenge and absolute rage.

This is my 3rd book by the author. Like its predecessors, this book too holds and keep you enticed until the very end.

One of the best features of Hunter’s writing is her use of graphics for intricate details. She helps the reader visualize the scene with no efforts. The book has maps, trial transcripts, interview scenes and even the text messages (like the rest of the books). It improves readability and keeps the reader engaged. Not for a moment you feel stuttered.

The recurring characters have developed with more time. The title is very fitting and the central theme of the books surrounds the anger and jealousy. It also shows how rage fuels our disillusioned ego and forcing them to cross that line. Well- researched characters with strong motives and intent. There is also subtext on the use of social media.

Even though it’s a part of a series, we can read it as a standalone book. But I highly recommend reading the rest of the books. It’s an absolute treasure for the crime fiction genre.

All the rage by Cara Hunter is a clever and thrilling police procedural. From the prologue, the author pulls you into a whirlwind of twists and turns. Only by the end of the book, you realize the clever techniques of Hunter.