43670467._UY2475_SS2475_Title of the book: In her Words

Author of the book: J. S. Ellis

Publish Date: 6th May 2019


Sophie Knight was in a monotonous marriage. She kept her alcohol and smoking vices hidden from her husband Richard. But was that all she was hiding? It changed one fateful night. She cannot recall the events of the previous night. What she sees is only bruises all over her body and her dress torn up. Nothing comes to her even bleakly. And amid this chaos, she meets Michael Frisk. A musician by profession he pulls the right strings to her heart. He’s everything Sophie was missing in her life, like a breeze of fresh air. Something she was missing in her life. However, soon her life goes tumbling down. Will she be able to control her life or she will fall hard on the ground losing everything she had?

My take on the book:

In her words is a debut novel of J.S. Ellis. It is a psychological thriller that will completely twist your mind.

The author presented the story in a unique manner. It’s been written from the perspective of entries that Sophie has made in her diary. The suspense builds up. The story doesn’t slump even for a moment. The suspense building up with every chapter. There were only 6-7 characters in the book and even fewer main characters. This keeps the following suspense easy.


One of the downsides of the book is Sophie’s character. The character had complex flaws. Far from being likable, the character was stubborn & took irrational decisions.

This, however, is compensated by the plotline, overpowering suspense, and a
gripping climax.

The author did an ingenious job in merging the sub-plots and the main story. Overall, it’s a good afternoon read.

My rating is 3.5 stars.

Thank you Booksiren and J. S. Ellis for the free copy in exchange for my honest review.