Reading gives us someplace to go when we have to stay where we are.

–Mason Cooley

That’s the effect I have whenever I read books. I have been a great fan of crime and mystery novels, but then I have moved out of my comfort zone. I have read general categories of fiction mostly life, relationship and romance (not the Mills and Boons types).

So here I am putting down lists of books I read this year (didn’t have time to write the review for each of them)

  • Her Last Day (Jessie Cole, #1)- T.R. Ragan

Her Last Day is a thriller written by Theresa Ragan. This is the first of the series of Jessica Cole. Jessica is PI. There are three storylines that bind it together well at the end. The first is the missing people’s case. The second case relates to Jessica’s own sister Sophie who went missing many years ago and the third one involves Ben who has lost his memory in an accident 10 years back when Sophie went missing. But when Ben sees Sophie’s photograph on the news channel, he gets a feeling he knows the girl and this could help him jog his memory back.

This was my first book by the author and she has done a fantastic job. The pace of the three storylines, the ending of the book of these plots merges smoothly. All the characters are very well developed. It is a good page-turner.

I am reading the second book Deadly Recall I will write about later (that’s also a good page-turner) once I finish it.

If you like reading a mystery, I think this should be there on the list of books. You’ll not be disappointed.

  • The word is Murder by Anthony Horowitz 

Anthony Horowitz has become my favorite writer since I read Moriarty. The logline of the book had caught my attention. A woman is murdered after arranging her own funeral. That line was intriguing.

The book features the author. Anthony Horowitz alongside Det. Hawthorne solves the murder mystery. He is like Watson to Sherlock. And the Det. Hawthorne has an uncanny resemblance to Sherlock. The story is entertaining and gripping.

All in all, it is a good book to read.

  • Things we never said by Nick Alexander 

This was one of the regular fiction that I was glued to until the end of the book. Sean lost his wife Catherine to cancer. Catherine, however, had kept a surprise even after she moved on. She left him with 28 dictaphone tapes for Sean for things she wanted to say but she couldn’t due to lack of time.

The book beautifully portrays and showed the loving relationship between the husband and the wife. They never regretted their decision of getting married at an early age. The reader can feel Sean’s sadness with the tape recordings. Even though the premise of the book is sad, there’s hope in the book. It reflects upon the fact of how many times we think we should talk to our partner and we never tell them those things. The time is now to speak cause once they are gone, they cannot hear us or we can’t see them hearing our thoughts. It shows how we can find strength through the memories of the people who left us for the other world.

  • The man who didn’t call by Rosie Walsh

Two people fall in love with each other in 6 days. Everything seems perfect until he leaves for a vacation and never calls her back. Her friends tell her to forget this man. But instincts tell her something is wrong, and it comes true for her.

Oh, the ending’s astonishing. The name of the book and the starting of the book seems like pure rom-com. Eventually, as the book delves deeper, it talks about family, relationships and how they form our opinions subconsciously. The book is moderately paced. However, sometimes, I felt it could pick up the pace. The book keeps pacing between past and present and that keeps the flow going on.

These are the books I have for now. I will write in again sometime for the next round of books.