Beyond the dragonhead a book review

Title: Beyond the dragonhead

Author: Kelly Nichols

Genre: Historical Fiction (About Vikings)

# of pages: 214

Release Date: 01st October 2020

Published by: MindTo LLC

History of the Vikings has always been a topic of great interest, not just for historians but for history fanatics.

King Skötkonung was the King and, Anders Sunderstorm was one of his many jarls. Anders and several other jarls refused to join King’s treacherous plan against Norway. But their disobedience came at a price, a price they paid with the lives.

Thyra was Anders’s daughter and a healer by profession. Bjorn during the attack, she takes up the role of the lead healer. Life changed overnight when the entire village had to be uprooted and was on the move. Home is far from what they had and is what they desired.

The story involved a few people, and Thyra was the major one. The book followed a historical event and setting and wrapped it up with fictional characters. It’s a well-researched story with excellent character depictions, and it has a genuine portrayal of Varangians.

Their emotional state, the setting of the places and their time riding through the boats are vivid. The author did a brilliant job in showcasing the feeling of people losing their home.

On every page, the characters had to face a struggle or go through a fight to fend for themselves. All this so they could eat or sleep. Every day was a challenge for them, which makes it a motivating read. The book breaks away from so many popular beliefs held about the Vikings.

At the end of the book, the author has also provided links and explanations about certain aspects of the story which makes the book not only more fact-based retelling but also speaks the amount of research the author has put in to make it authentic. The book also had illustrations and maps for better understanding.

The book ends with a note of hope and with a possibility of a sequel.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

About the Author:

Beyond the dragonhead a book review

Originally from Michigan, Kelly Nichols moved to Colorado with her husband and son in 1994 and started a private tutoring business the following year. She holds bachelor’s degrees from Hope College in exercise science and educational psychology but continues to receive her most profound education through the adventures and musings of her kids.

Her favorite places are libraries and tropical beaches. Visit her web page for more info.

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