Riya Aarini's Photograph
Pic courtesy: from website of Riya Aarini

Meet early readers author Riya Aarini! She has written Nilay’s wish and Ollie’s backpack.

Her books are gems of lessons and innocence. The stories are relevant for both adults and young readers. 

Her next book is Ollie’s Haffiness is due to release in September 2020. 

I asked her a few questions to know more about her as an authorand her forthcoming books.

Me: Tell me something about yourself? Something that’s not mentioned on your website (things like what you studied, what you did before you started writing?)

Riya Aarini: I studied English Literature and was drawn to the writers of British Literature, like Shelley, Lord Byron and Blake. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is masterful.

Me: When did you first realize you wanted to write to be a writer?

Riya Aarini: I wanted to write my first book when I was about 9 or 10. I didn’t get around to publishing until 10 years later.

Me: What inspired you to start writing?

Riya Aarini: Writing is one thing I’ve always been able to do and enjoy doing.

Me: Children’s book genre is niche. What drew you into this genre?

Riya Aarini: The first story of mine accepted by a publisher was a children’s story. Plus, I am entertained by clever, insanely creative children’s works, like the poems by Shel Silverstein, and the simple yet profound stories by Mo Willems and Arnold Lobel. When you are inspired by brilliant pieces, it is only natural to want to try your hand at them.

Me: What do you like to do when you are not writing?

Riya Aarini: I like taking walks outside and listening to music.

Me: Do you have any writing ritual?

Riya Aarini: I do not have a writing ritual. Whatever pours out, pours out!

Me: Can you tell us something about your forthcoming book?

Riya Aarini: I have two early readers coming out: Ollie’s Haffiness in September and Ollie’s Garden in November. All three books in the Carefree Ollie series are illustrated by a wonderfully talented illustrator, Virvalle Carvallo. Readers will be delighted by the illustrations, as I am!

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