Screenshot 2020-05-31 at 18.11.35Title: The House Guest

Author: Mark Edwards

Genre: Psychological Thriller

# of pages: 294

Expected date of publication: 3rd June 2020

Published by:  Amazon Publishing UK

This is my second book by the author. Mark Edwards has a penchant for creating tension and mystery. It started right at the beginning and I could not stop myself from reading the entire book in one sitting.

Adam and Ruth were house-sitting for Jack and Mona in a posh neighbourhood of New York. One stormy night brought a stranger on their doorstep. This stranger brings in a (metaphorical) storm that turns their lives upside down. What happens is the next, profound aftermath of a storm!!

Wow! I am still in awe of the book. Each chapter brings in unfathomable twists. The enjoyable part is the mysteries were spaced out and not thrown together. The author intersperses the chapters between Adam’s narration (in the first person) and Ruth’s.

Adam and Ruth develop as the book progresses. They were different at the start of the book but by the end of the book. They grow into matured characters. The trauma, the situation changes their lives. That’s something I liked about the book.

Adam’s has integrity and is honest. He is sometimes too trusting or naïve, but he’s loyal to his love. He may not be the most intelligent person, but he has fair survival skills.

The main plotline is unique, and it’s something that I have watched documentary but not read about it. There aren’t many characters in the book. None of them is black and white. They have other shades, and they cannot be categorised as right or wrong.

Mark Edwards has a brilliant way of story-telling. He can create an aura of mystery, tension, thrill all at once.

The House Guest is a riveting psychological thriller that will give you chill down your spine.

My rating is 4 stars.