Reading a book is like quenching the thirst of your soul or the energy inside, or the intellect whatever we might call it. And as they say, reading brings the world to you (and who wouldn’t want that especially when one is wrapped in a blanket).

This book is my third read of the month.

Lucy Clarke is the author of A Single Breath. This was my first book by the author. And without wasting much time here goes a summary of the book:

Jackson drowns in a tragic fishing incident near Dorset, England. Eva, Jackson’s wife, goes numb. She works in London as a midwife. But she keeps losing her attention during her work and is never at peace. It is almost 6 weeks after the accident when she concludes to go to Tasmania where Jackson was born and raised. She thinks of meeting his father and brother and grieve together with them.

Jackson’s father wasn’t welcoming and when she meets his brother Saul, Eva seems to be at a loss. She came to Tasmania to grieve for her husband but now she doesn’t know if she ever knew him. She needs the courage to walk down that road but will she be strong enough to walk that road.

My take on the book:

This book was definitely was my unintentional though successful attempt of reading something outside my comfort genre.

The book wasn’t a bad read. The book is well written. One cannot put it down, you would crave to know more. The flow from chapter to chapter was very smooth (one of the few good things about the book). The locales of Tasmania are described pretty well (it was snowing outside when I was reading this book and it transported me to the sun, sea, and sand).

Eva’s character was somewhat annoying at times and other times temperamental. There are interim chapters with another character POV, which was refreshing. Saul’s character is a likable character along with Callie, Eva’s best friend.

However, there were quite a few loopholes but the disappointing part was the ending of the book (that’s what mostly puts me off while reading). The ending could have been so much more realistic, and it was too dreamy.

My overall rating: 3 stars


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