Invisible Girl by Lisa Jewell- Book review
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Title: Invisible Girl

Author: Lisa Jewell

Genre: Psychological Thriller

# of pages: 432

Expected Date of Publication: 6th August 2020

Published by: Random House UK

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Invisible Girl is a mystery drama thriller dealing with issues of society.

The story follows the three main characters. Saffyre Maddox is a seventeen-year-old living in London with her uncle, Aaron Maddox. She loves her family & her grandfather and uncle are her lifelines. When she was ten, a traumatic event changed the course of her life.

Roan Fours a psychotherapist by profession. He, along with his wife and two children, move to posh Hampstead Heath with a wife and two children. Cate and Roan took this opportunity to reboot their relationship, but secrets are taking up space.

Owen Pick lives with his aunt. He’s a lecturer in a college, but he’s shy and socially awkward. He doesn’t have many friends. The people around him assume he is a weird guy and his actions confirm their belief.

There comes a time when their lives collide. And everything changes in their lives forever!

The chapters are narrated by between Saffyre, Cate, and Owen. The reader gets to know them up close while they tell their stories. They talk about their insecurities, their fears, their relationships.  They raise questions that they are not ready to answer.

The book scores point in two aspects. First, the subtext of the book directs towards societal prejudices. While reading the book, it feels Lisa Jewell has done her share of research on the matter. Second, the closing pages of the book and the entire book reflected the true meaning of the title.

The characters of the story grow along with the book. The story moves with a pace that suits the narrative. It also portrays the theme.

A highly recommended book for crime/ mystery thriller fans.

My Rating for the book: 3.5 stars

Thank you, NetGalley and Random House UK for the copy of the advanced copy in exchange for my honest review. 

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